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News is live: (June 1, 2010) is no longer actively developed. As the website has gained considerable popularity, I will leave it as is, but the focus of my development has shifted to, which uses the same word definitions as base, but will eventually provide much more functionality than this website, all thanks to the power of Google App Engine. Some of the new functionality includes word ratings and self-testing, as well as usage statistics that allows you to compare your knowledge with others (anonymously, of course). is still in beta, but very much usable already. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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Welcome to the GREdic wordlist, the most complete GRE word list out there.

This word list contains 6,500+ words and 10,000+ definitions from some of the most authoritative sources, with meanings specifically targeted at those you will encounter at a GRE test.


Multiple sources
Multiple standard GRE sources are used in word definitions, complementing each other in cases where a single source falls short.
Audio pronunciation
Two audio pronunciation voices are available for each word.
Flashcard mode
Practice the popular flashcards vocabulary learning method by turning the flashcard mode on, and the word meaning will appear only after you "turn the card over", i.e. click on the blank definition space. (Hint: Use the search to find a particular flashcard quickly: e.g. the fast way to get to the flash card for abscond is to enter abscond flashcard into the search box in the upper right corner!)
Double navigation
The navigation can take you to the next, previous or random word. Moreover, you can navigate both the full list of 6,500+ words (large navigation bar at the top and bottom of every word definition), or the Hot List of 299 words (see below) (red navigation bar at the top of every Hot List word definition)
Links to standard online word definitions
And if all that wasn't enough, i.e. if a word's meaning is still unclear to you, for each word you will also find a set of links to standard definitions for that word on the Internet, including Wiktionary, Princeton University's WordNet, Merriam-Webster Online, MSN Encarta, American Heritage Dictionary,, and Google's definitions search.

We believe that we have produced a handy and comprehensive GRE vocabulary-building tool, that not only covers practically all the words you will encounter on your GRE test, but also make the learning process easy and enjoyable. If you don't think this website is rightfully entitled "The Ultimate GRE Word List & Dictionary", let us know how we can still improve it!

The Hot List

Since starting off with the full list of 6,500+ words may be intimidating, we prepared a must-know list of 299 frequently encountered words on GRE tests. This selection, known as the Hot List, is directly accessible through
our word list adapted for mobile devices

Building your vocabulary for the GRE requires intense work. You should profit of every minute in the day that you have. While commuting, waiting or having some spare time while you're away from your computer, point your cell phone browser to and learn some more words! The pages are ultra-lightweight (fast loading, saving bandwidth and data transfer) and W3C XHTML Basic 1.1 standards compliant.